Maier reached out to me and several others that have requested updates to their plastics. They want our suggestions and if there is enough interest will make updated plastics for our old machines. Please email them or message them on facebook to let them know what changes you would like. Here is a list of my suggestions. It would be great to have an updated plastics option for our old machines.
1. Shorten the rear fender in the boot/heel area. This needs to be substantially shorter in my opinion. Similar to Laker and Fullbore.

2. Offer your two piece fronts in a "race cut.

3. Add a scoop or vents to the front of your one piece race cut. Also add the traditional TRX250R indents on the side similar to your two piece plastics.

4. Make the rear fenders less floppy, that may be achieved by shortening the heel area as suggested above.

5. Make mounting similar to OEM, I don't know much about plastics but I'm guessing this would be the most difficult.