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Thread: Vote Now for March 2016 QOTM!

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    Vote Now for March 2016 QOTM!

    Hey everyone,

    Sorry for my lacking with QOTM...have had a lot going on lately, and unfortuantley QOTM suffered and I apologize. I'd like to get back on track here. We've had some great months in the past and some low entry months that I think kill the momentum sometimes. If you have ideas for future QOTM, feel free to throw them my way. My ear is always open.

    With that being said, let's kick it off and start getting some entries for March QOTM!!

    Let's start this month off with an open entry and show us what you've got!!

    As always, one entry per person.

    Also, please refrain from comments until voting has begun.

    Thank you!!

    In house hybrid ball buster

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    Chassis | Suspension | Controls:
    Frame: OEM with pumashine gusset kit
    A Arms: JD +2
    Swingarm: oem
    Steering Stem: lsr
    Axle: oem
    Carrier: oem
    Locknut: oem
    Hubs F|R: oem
    Bars: protaper
    Brake/Clutch Lever: OEM/ protaper
    Foot Pegs: ims
    Bumper: dg
    Grab Bar: prm
    Front Shocks: 450r
    Rear Shock: oem
    Brake Lines:streamline
    Rotors F|R: oem
    Rims F|R:dwt
    Tires F|R: dunerunner/ haulers

    Plastic: OEM 88
    Graphics|Seat Cover: OEM
    Fuel Tank: OEM

    Engine|Drive System:
    Cylinder|Head: prox/ ESR with love from hybrid
    Bore & Stroke: 77 x 72
    Displacement: 335
    Carburetor: 39 pwk
    Reeds: vforce 2
    Air Filter|Box: led
    Pipe|Silencer: lrd
    Clutch|Plates: hinson basket/ ?
    Gearing F|R: stock
    CDI|Killswitch: cr
    Cooling: oem

    Other: 01cr ignition
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    Chassis | Suspension | Controls:
    Frame: Laeger Wide Flip-top Cr500 Link
    A Arms: Laeger LT +3
    Swingarm: Laeger cr500
    Steering Stem: Laeger standard
    Axle: Lonestar
    Carrier: T&T
    Locknut: Durablue
    Hubs F|R: Baldwin/89
    Bars: Renthal 11/8" cr high
    Brake/Clutch Lever: 89/MSR
    Grips: ODI Rogue
    Foot Pegs: AC racing pro-peg
    Bumper: AC racing
    Grab Bar: AC racing wide
    Front Shocks: PEP ZPS LT
    Rear Shock: PEP ZPS
    Brake Lines: Streamline dual line front, single rear
    Rotors F|R: Tusk
    Rims F|R: DWT Rok Out/DWT G2 beadlock
    Tires F|R: ITP Quadcross mx2/ ITP Holeshot mxr6

    Plastic: Maier
    Graphics|Seat Cover: Baldwin/Graves Motorsports
    Fuel Tank: 89 with maier cover

    Engine|Drive System:
    Cylinder|Head: ESR 310/ESR type 2/89 cases
    Bore & Stroke: 72.5x72
    Displacement: 297cc
    Carburetor: 38mm a/s
    Reeds: Boyesen rad valve
    Air Filter|Box: Uni/89
    Pipe|Silencer: LRD
    Clutch|Plates: OEM with Hinson basket
    Gearing F|R: 14/38
    CDI|Killswitch: 89/Tusk
    Cooling: 89 with Engine Ice

    Other: 400ex throttle with Duncan cover, ESR temp gauge, cr250 pedal, Baldwin stem clam, Baldwin cable guide, custom aluminum skidplate, TM Designworks slider, roller and frame pad, Outerwear on filter and airbox hole, OMF radiator guard, Graydon Proline rear brake b/o, rear muplugs on both sides, Maul Tech clamps, IMS Roll shifter, CCP stabilizer, Krank It case saver, ISF polished radiator shrouds, runs on VP 110 mixed with Amsoil at 50:1.

    Laeger 310R

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    FRAME oem 88
    A arms lonestar +2 +1
    Steering stem lonestar +2
    Lonestar carrier
    Lonestar anti fade
    Swing arm lonestar triple chrome
    Axle dura blue +2
    Hubs stock
    Front shocks works triple rate
    Rear shock pep 5/8 shaft
    Streamline brake line front and rear
    Foot pegs big thanks to trxjeeper!
    Tires hole shot
    Duncan bumper
    Pro taper bars


    Plastic maier white
    Graphics seat cover one industry

    Stock cylinder 68mm bore
    210 psi 50/50 fuel mix
    Displacment 265
    Carb 38mm air striker
    Reeds boysen
    Cool head
    Fmf pipe and silencer

    Never finished!

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    Attachment 9877

    Chassis | Suspension | Controls:
    Frame: arens
    A Arms: JD MGC
    Swingarm: 88/89 OEM
    Steering Stem: Lonestar
    Axle: lonestar
    Carrier: lonestar
    Locknut: lonestar
    Hubs F|R: lonestar billet /lonestar taper lock
    Bars: tag 1 1/8
    Brake/Clutch Lever: ASV
    Grips: spider
    Foot Pegs: Rath
    Bumper: Gradon
    Grab Bar: AC wide
    Front Shocks: elka
    Rear Shock: elka
    Brake Lines: stainless
    Rotors F|R: OEM/OEM 450
    Rims F|R: OEM EX
    Tires F|R: GB XC

    Body: Maier
    Plastic: maier
    Graphics|Seat Cover: custom
    Fuel Tank: Clarke 4 gal

    Engine|Drive System:
    Cylinder|Head: ESR
    Bore & Stroke: 350 +4
    Displacement: 363
    Carburetor: 38 AS
    Reeds: Rad
    Air Filter|Box: aluminum /custom
    Pipe|Silencer: ESR TRX 5b
    Clutch|Plates: Tusk
    Gearing F|R:
    CDI|Killswitch: pro design
    Cooling: CBR

    Other: frame modified into pro peg to work with Rath 450 nerfs. Custom sealed airbox and full snorkelIMG_20150723_204101574_HDR.jpg
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    Chassis | Suspension | Controls:
    Frame: JP Frame with Walsh Aluminum Sub-Frame
    A Arms:Laeger Chromed +2 Pro-Trax
    Swingarm:LoneStar Chromed -2 No-Link
    Steering Stem:Laeger Chrome +1 Pro-Trax with swivels
    Axle:Lonestar Polished +1-+4
    Locknut:Polished American star
    Hubs F|R:RPM polished
    Bars:Flexx Custom powder coated
    Brake/Clutch Lever:ASV
    Grips:Custom billet/rubber
    Foot Pegs:integrated AC nerfs
    Bumper:Custom RIS Designs Yamaha
    Grab Bar:AC
    Front Shocks:MotoWoz
    Rear Shock:Works Podium No link
    Brake Lines:Blue Stainless Dual lines
    Rotors F|R:Galfer custom
    Rims F|R:10x5 front outer Bead-locks 4/1 offset
    Tires F|R:10x10 outer Bead-locks 5/5 offset

    Plastic:Maier Black Race fronts Maier Black Rears
    Graphics|Seat Cover: JetTrim Cover, Graphics Custom done By Linson Graphics ESR Graphic kit inspired...
    Fuel Tank:Blue Clarke

    Engine|Drive System: TRX 250r bottom end machined for stroker crank with Barnett Clutch basket
    Cylinder|Head:Polished ESR 330 with ESR Race Dome head
    Bore & Stroke:N/A
    Carburetor:40.5 Kehein
    Reeds:ESR carbon Fiber
    Air Filter|Box:Air Box Delete ESR kit
    Pipe|Silencer:ESR TRX11 with Center-mount ESR Silencer..Will be converted to duals in the future..
    Gearing F|R:14 39 JT front Sprocket with Vortex Aluminum Rear sprocket
    CDI|Killswitch:Honda CR ignition with Pro Design kill switch
    Cooling:Polished Walsh Radiator with Walsh Aluminum Shrouds

    Other:Also has a DuraBlue Sway bar with custom mounts....

    This TRX250r build was built to replace the TRX250r my son had to sell because of the birth of his son....Story elsewhere on this Forum....Thanks!
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    Voting is now open!

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