Moving forward, we will be using the iTrader feedback system. It is much like the one found on eBay where both buyers and sellers can leave feedback for the other party.

Both buyers and sellers have the following options:

- Leave positive, neutral, or negative feedback
- Enter the For Sale / Wanted thread URL (optional)
- Short comment visible to everyone
- Detailed comment visible only to the buyer, seller, and iTrader Admins (optional)

iTrader can be accessed the following ways:
- Through the link above
- iTrader Feedback links found on the sub-nav bar (below New Posts) and in the Community menu (under Photo Albums/Sponsors) --> iTrader Feedback
- From a thread/post, underneath a user's avatar and post count you'll see Feedback Score. Click the adjacent number to go to the users Feedback page.
- User Profile --> Feedback Score tab

- Can't rate the same user more than once in a 24 hour period
- You have 30 days to submit a return rating for a deal they have been rated for

In this transition period, please feel free to re-rate transactions with iTrader. The old Member Feedback forum will be phased out soon.