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  • Hickwheeler, Winner of March 2016 QOTM!

    Congratulations to hickwheeler, for winning the TRX250R.ORG March 2016 QOTM!

    Chassis | Suspension | Controls:
    Frame: OEM with pumashine gusset kit
    A Arms: JD +2
    Swingarm: oem
    Steering Stem: lsr
    Axle: oem
    Carrier: oem
    Locknut: oem
    Hubs F|R: oem
    Bars: protaper
    Brake/Clutch Lever: OEM/ protaper
    Foot Pegs: ims
    Bumper: dg
    Grab Bar: prm
    Front Shocks: 450r
    Rear Shock: oem
    Brake Lines:streamline
    Rotors F|R: oem
    Rims F|R:dwt
    Tires F|R: dunerunner/ haulers

    Plastic: OEM 88
    Graphics|Seat Cover: OEM
    Fuel Tank: OEM

    Engine|Drive System:
    Cylinder|Head: prox/ ESR with love from hybrid
    Bore & Stroke: 77 x 72
    Displacement: 335
    Carburetor: 39 pwk
    Reeds: vforce 2
    Air Filter|Box: led
    Pipe|Silencer: lrd
    Clutch|Plates: hinson basket/ ?
    Gearing F|R: stock
    CDI|Killswitch: cr
    Cooling: oem

    Other: 01cr ignition

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    1. huntertools's Avatar
      huntertools -
      Congratulations, beautiful quad. Really nice work.

    1. hickwheeler's Avatar
      hickwheeler -
      Thanks for the complement. I didn't think I would win
    1. Robsessed86's Avatar
      Robsessed86 -
      You have one awesome R buddy. Those super clean 88 plastics really set it apart. I have a serious soft spot in my heart for 88's. My favorite Year and color. Congrats on win.
    1. DOUGLAS's Avatar
      DOUGLAS -
      very nice
    1. red88r's Avatar
      red88r -
      Congrats!! My favorite year!! Hence my screen name on every forum-red88r. haha
    1. wildhare's Avatar
      wildhare -
      Nice clean look. Congrats on the win! Very jealous of that background